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The Irritable Bowel Syndrom: The Influence of visceral Structures


Author: Ivo Gasseling
Supervisor: Walter Suter

Introduction: IBS is common in Western Europe. Despite the large number of cases, an appropriate treatment is not known. Medication and dietary recommendations are given. Osteopathy is not suggested. This is actually not logical as functional disorders are treated using Osteopathy and it is assumed that IBS is a functional illness.  

Goal of the Study: The study aims to explore whether it is possible to positively influence  the symptoms of IBS using visceral techniques.

Methods: A random, clinically controlled study asking: Can visceral techniques influence IBS - namely the pain, bloating, defecation and everyday symptoms. The IBS-SSS questionnaire was used as the measuring Instrument. 10 patients were in the treatment group. They each received 5 treatments using visceral techniques within 8 weeks and a follow-up 6 weeks later. A second group of 8 patients formed the control group. These patients followed their usual treatment plan and did not receive the visceral techniques

Results: A significant improvement was noted in the overall score and defecation. Improvement in pain, bloating and general discomfort, were noticeable but not significant.

Diskussion: It is to be hoped that Osteopathy as an integrative medical method will be used more often for treatment and will acquire its own place within the health system in use. There is a need for more scientific research in this holistic method – also regarding IBS.