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Ethics Committee

Within the context of scientific research and publications in scientific magazines, an ethics committee is essential.

An Ethics Committee is an independent body that gives advice to researchers about the ethical aspects of the research based on the basis of the Belgian Law of 07.05.2004 concerning experiments on the human persons. The Ethics Committee, with which the IAO® works, is an independent body and not part of the IAO®. It was founded according to the same standards as other research institutions (such as universities and hospitals). This means that the members of the committee have specific qualities such as an osteopath, ethicist, lawyer, etc. Students and researchers can submit an application two times a year. The Ethics Committee will review various parameters of each study thoroughly and check certain requirements, both substantive and structural in nature. All applications will be dealt with in writing and you will be informed in writing of the decision.

Our students can find all the necessary information on our e-learning platform, the eCampus.