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This is how we teach

For years the IAO® has been a trendsetter in academic osteopathy training. Not only is research of great importance to the IAO®, we also keep abreast of the most recent developments in didactics. For several years we have managed successfully to implement "Blended Learning" (a combination of classic teaching and e-learning) and Evidence-Based Practice in our curriculum.


We offer all our courses in the native language of the country where we teach. The only exceptions are Egypt and Denmark, where we teach in English.

Our student platform: eCampus

 All our students have access to our extensive on-line teaching/learning platform: eCampus. Here students will find their digital syllabuses, the virtual classes, our e-books (with streaming videos of all tests and techniques) and flipbooks and the on-line examinations. Our student platform also ensures that the student can choose when to take the theoretical on-line examinations. Are you curious as to what this eCampus looks like? Then take a look!

Academic education

One of the ways we want to distinguish ourselves from other osteopathy schools is through the scientific curriculum. We attach considerable importance to Evidence-Based Medicine and Evidence-Based Practice. The study material at the IAO® consists solely of topics that are evidence-based or of topics that are based on verifiable scientific findings.

Our curriculum was drawn up by the teaching team in consultation with educational experts. It is regularly re-evaluated and adapted as required.
Our students also have to comply with a professional competence profile. This profile describes the knowledge and skill an osteopath must possess to be able to help a patient safely and efficiently, in conjunction with other medical disciplines. The competence profile was developed by us in collaboration with various professional associations. The competence profile also provides an overview of the competencies of a scientist who can handle new situations and can evaluate and implement critically the latest findings within medicine and osteopathy in osteopathic practice.


An important part of osteopath training is obviously the practical side. Via our on-line courses, the IAO® student can quickly and efficiently review the techniques taught. You can find a couple of examples of these clips on our Youtube channel.
Besides these standard syllabuses, IAO® teaches also provide PowerPoint presentations with which lessons are given and which are also available to students on the student platform.

the cervical spine

At the start of the academic year, all students also receive textbooks, containing all the study material for that academic year. These books are also for sale: view them here. For our students, these books are obviously free. We have these textbooks available in English, German, French and Dutch.