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ISO 9001 Label

The IAO® stands for quality. In March 1997 we were awarded the ISO 9001 quality certificate in "Osteopathic Education and Training", making us the first school for osteopathy in Europe to gain this quality label.

ISO IAO osteopathie

The ISO 9001 Quality Label was produced by ISO/TC 176 "Quality management and quality assurance" of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This European Standard has the status of National Standard in the following countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, England, Finland, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, etc.

The IAO® is regularly and thoroughly audited in relation to the international ISO quality standard. The IAO® holds the EN ISO 9001 quality label, which is unique in Europe. The ISO 9001 model of quality assurance is independent of the nature of the economic activity or the services offered. The system is specified per sector and therefore also involves specific requirements for education. The IAO® created and maintains a written quality manual with specific procedures in relation to the education provided and the services offered. The IAO and its employees adhere strictly to these procedures. Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd. conducts regular external checks and audits. 

The IAO® was knighted in the Order of Quality Care on the basis of this ISO Label. Further information about this label can be found at the website of the ISO (International Standards for Business, Government and Society).