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ICROM2: Pediatric Osteopathy

The most recent ICROM edition was organised on November the 4th, 2016, in Munich (Germany). With captivating speakers, interesting discussion and fantastic participants, we couldn’t have asked for more.

    ICROM2 Munich Pediatric Osteopathy IAO

We had the honour of welcoming about a hundred people. Most of them were students and teachers coming from Germany, but we also saw students from Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland and even Egypt. The participants and the speakers had the chance to meet each other during our meet & greet that was organised the evening before the conference. Already during that meet & greet, we noticed a relaxed atmosphere with people who are passionate about osteopathy and were looking forward to meeting new colleagues and learn new insights.

We had invited international speakers, all experts in their field, and each one of them gave a great presentation. Marc Asche, for example, showed us the importance of clinical reasoning before osteopathic reasoning and he demonstrated that exclusion diagnostic is essential. Susanne Bareis highlighted that structured and standardized tests are important for Evidence Based Practice and Thomas Karsh was very adamant about timely referring children to a paediatrician if the osteopath comes across “red flags”. Of course they had many more interesting things to tell but you can discover it yourself.  

  • “A standardized osteopathic assessment of skull and postural asymmetry in infants (up to 4 years of age) to aid osteopathic treatment.” – Marc Asche (D) – DO, Msc. Ost., Msc. Päd Ost..
  • “Diagnosis-oriented osteopathic treatment of babies with posture asymmetry and positional plagiocephaly – the therapeutic effects. “ – Stephan Klemm (D) - DO, MSc. Ost.
  • “Osteopathic treatment of behavioral dysregulations in babies aged 8 to 12 weeks - a pilot study.” – Priska Wikus (A) – DO, MSc. Ost.
  • “Infants with positional skull deformation: anthropometric and morphological assessment. Various measurement tools for the osteopath” - Nicolas Segers (B)
  • “The effect of orthodontic treatment on craniofacial development (from birth until 18 years of age)” - Prof. Dr. Fischer-Brandis (D)
  • “Clinical diagnosis in pediatric osteopathy - the paediatricians perspective.”- Dr. Gabi Falliner-Valentin (D)
  • “Salutogenic Theory – a philosophy that is adaptable to children and adolescents” - Dr. Valentin (D)
  • “Physiotherapy in disorders of paediatric symmetry.” - Susanne Bareis (D)
  • “Is it all just growing pains? Clinical and image based differential diagnostics of childhood hip, leg and foot pain.” – Dr. Thomas Karsch (D)

As said, the conference took place in Munich at our normal course location, the Holiday Inn. Everything was perfectly organised. The coffee breaks and lunch were delicious and the conference room was top-class.

A big thank you to everyone who was there with us and we are already looking forward to the next edition!