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Other therapies

Physiotherapy is a valuable therapy that belongs to classic medicine and is directed mainly at rehabilitation. Manual therapy is a specialisation of physiotherapy.

Classic medicine

With high-tech resources, classic medicine is becoming increasingly successful at diagnosing and treating structural disorders and diseases.

However, modern osteopathic medicine pays attention to the functionality of the human body and thus scores very highly in patients where the cause of the complaints is unclear or where classic means appear inadequate.

We again wish to emphasise that osteopathy and classic medicine are inextricably linked. The one certainly does not preclude the other.


Where physiotherapy is mainly concerned with rehabilitation and local treatment, osteopathy approaches the patient in his/her entirety.
Physiotherapy belongs to classic medicine.

  • Manual therapy
    Manual therapy is a specialisation of physiotherapy, and belongs to classic medicine.


Chiropractic emerged from osteopathy.

Where chiropractic almost always looks for the cause of complaints in and around the spine and treats by means of manipulation, osteopathy goes a step further by also taking into account all other bodily systems.