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Effect of an osteopathic treatment on the reduction of lactate in football players


Author: Martin Spring
Supervisor: René Mühlebach

Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of osteopathic treatment in the lactate removal on soccer players. From the results of the study arose following hypothesis: the osteopathic treatment on the liver accelerates lactate removal. 

Method: The study involved 50 male soccer players, between ages of 18 and 25, which were distributed evenly and at random into an experimental group and a control group. Both groups had similar resting lactate values at the start and then were
strongly exercised on an ergometer, until statistically even with regard to heart rate frequency and lactate. Immediately afterwards, the participants in the control group rested on a treatment table while the participants in the experimental group received an osteopathic treatment of the liver. In both groups, 30 minutes after ending of the exercise, the lactate levels were measured again to discover if there were any variances.

Result and conclusion: The results obtained, as well as the applied measurement method and the statistical procedures were critically evaluated. A clear and significant difference of lactate removal was found and attributed to the effect of the osteopathic treatments. Soccer players could therefore significantly accelerate the removal of lactate with osteopathic treatments on the liver. Although this study confirms in principal the direct effect of the visceral osteopathic techniques on lactate, it should not be generalized for all metabolic functions.